Anti-corruption training and drafting of suitable policy

Anti-corruption training and drafting of suitable policy

We will provide your employees with anti-corruption training that ensures your employees are working in a desired manner that reflects your ethical practices and policies drafted by us. Anti-corruption training will inform the employees and workers about the type of behaviour expected within the environment. It is necessary for all the organization’s, global or not to draft an anti-corruption policy. If a policy is not drafted, the employees will be unaware of the situations and actions they should be avoiding in the first place. If an organization ever finds itself in legalities and they are unable to produce a strong policy, they will face a big blow on their reputation and are likely to experience financial penalties on anti-corruption violation.

Corruption in your company can cause several reputational, financial and operational risks. We believe in taking action to operate effective and serious anti-corruption training and policies. Our policies will make sure that your anti-corruption is a part of your culture and will tell the employees, clients, suppliers, third-party intermediaries that you have a zero tolerance policy against corruption and bribery. You can improve your business by improving your compliance policies. We will measure and look into the policy to decide what is working and what needs to be changed. It is vital for your employees to understand the legal boundaries and how to operate within them. We will conduct a risk assessment to look at possible threats and carefully analyse your policies and controls to eliminate the risk and find where the gaps are and how to fill them.

Our policies will set a tone on how the company will deal with unethical andquestionable behaviour. Our policies will make sure that even the new employees are fully trained on anti-corruption. Regular training of your employees can help prevent anti-corruption. We will establish proper protocols including how the employees should act and the consequences they might face if they disregard the policies. Still, we will ensure that the employees can communicate without may fear. We take corruption claimsvery seriously if we find any problems we take immediate actions. Our E&C programs aims at detecting, analysing, identifying the corruption in your company and then find the ultimate solution.

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