Drafting/perusal of Commercial Agreement and NDA

Drafting/perusal of Commercial Agreement and NDA

Our specialised E&C program and our expert team will help you in building and drafting your commercial agreements and contacts. Our agreements will be drafted in plain and concise language including warranties. The initial part of our agreements will include identifying the parties, define the terms, discuss the details of the contracts including goods and services sold, date and time, delivery options and the decided price. Our contracts will also include specifics like warranties, termination and any accidental damages.  All contracts come with a risk. We will put special attention on the fundamentals of the contract, so that  a third party reading your agreement understands all the basics and fundamentals of the agreement in the event of a dispute.

By taking our help in drafting commercial agreements, you will get a contract that–

  • Points out all the terms clearly
  • Legally enforceable
  • Prevents disputes and misunderstandings
  • The payment and the work done

A valid and legally correct contact will give you a sense of security and peace.

Likewise, we will also review your existing commercial contracts and agreements. We will ensure that your agreement still has legal compliance or maintains the legal boundaries.  We will see if your contracts are up to date, free of legalities and related to your current operations. Your contracts will be polished and updated, so that you can gain consumer’s trust and goodwill. We all know that change is constant. We can use this change to make our plans better. If your contacts are reviewed, your employees will also be reminded of their duties and legal responsibilities. Your workforce will be aware of it surrounding.  And if you are no longer satisfied or happy with the existing contracts or agreements, our team will help you build and develop a new agreement based on your terms.

We can also draft a NDA agreement for your business. A Non-Disclosure Agreement will help you in keeping your sensitive data safe and help you gain a competitive advantage.  Having a NDA in writing and getting it signed by all concerned parties can help gain trust and prevent theft of intellectual property. NDA’s are an important legal document that can protect confidential and sensitive data from being made available to everyone. While entering into a business contract or dealing with salesman and vendors, singing a NDA will ensure privacy and safety of your information. It will help prevent any claims from the start to the end of a contract.

While creating a NDA agreement for you, we will make sure that all the information entered into it is precise and the language and the style of writing is simple and not contagious, not to include any un necessary clauses or conflicting sentences that may lead to misunderstandings and will make sure that the document has an expiration date and will renew it if needed.

The key elements that will be included into the NDA are:

  • Identifying all the parties
  • What is confidential
  • The terms of the agreements
  • The scope of confidential information
  • The exemptions from the document.

If you become a member of our exclusive E&C program, you will get all the additional benefits like getting an outsourced compliance officer, a compliance training program. You will have all your documents and policies specially drafted by our expert team. Your business will flourish with the help of our E&C advices and specialised services. If you collaborate with us, a defined policy framework and ethical environment is something we assure you will achieve. With the help of our services, you will notice a reduction in legal problems, organisational malpractice and fraudulent activities.

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